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How to use wings



Here are some pictures helping usage of our foam wings.

I recommend to start with the stab. Use the foam to adjust proper position of the stab. Be sure the "top" side is on top. Only the bottom side is flat.


Use some weight to keep the stab in proper position. Bottles are OK if the contents is still in. Drink if AFTER.

wpe2.jpg (23213 bytes)

Use a CF cloth with resin over the junction.

wpe4.jpg (12202 bytes)

Prepare a bellcrank, make a holes and install it.

wpe5.jpg (15882 bytes) wpe6.jpg (17128 bytes)

wpe7.jpg (21748 bytes) wpe8.jpg (24797 bytes)


Adjust the wing and glue it together the same way as the stab. Use a rulers to adjust it proper way.

wpe9.jpg (12546 bytes) wpeA.jpg (23716 bytes)


wpeB.jpg (13743 bytes) wpeC.jpg (10926 bytes)


Here is a tip how to find place for hinges - use a lamp under.


wpe6.jpg (9012 bytes)


Good luck. ...




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