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The Max is model which uses smaller version of foam wings dedicated for the Next model. The wing is 20mm shorter on tips. It gives 10% les wing area and little more sweep back. It means the wing is for light models up to 1500g. I used it for model with Os Max .46LA with pipe, but we have also another "regular" stunters powered by Retro engines. The Max has 45 deg. mounted engine what give symmetrical engine run, not need a engine cowl and the pipe not need custom folded header as the engine exhaust vents directly in fuselage axle. The engine is mounted directly by screws on backplate to the firewall. I also use original remote needle.


Setup data:

The model is 1480g heavy. It uses 2 blade UCT BE prop 12x3.5. Aero products PA51 dedicated pipe at 400mm glow - first baffle. Carb: 6.6mm i.d. with 3mm cross spray bar. Lap time 5.1s at 10500 t.o. rpm.


Following picture shows firewall with engine mounts.

wpe3.jpg (28792 bytes)

Bottom of fuselage - hole for the tank and pipe join second picture shows hole for pipe.

wpe12.jpg (36824 bytes)wpe15.jpg (30748 bytes)

Here are two details of nose.

wpe17.jpg (59767 bytes)wpe19.jpg (39262 bytes)

An overview.

wpe1B.jpg (62881 bytes)



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