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The Middle is model which uses paper skinned foam wings like they are on Tiny model. The wing is at 1200mm span. The model is powered by Os Max .25LA. It is  45 deg. mounted engine what give symmetrical engine run, not need a engine cowl as it is on Max. The engine is mounted directly by screws on backplate to the firewall. I also use original remote needle.


Shown model uses balsa version of foam wing, it is 800g heavy. It uses 2 blade Graupner prop 10x3 and flies on 17m lines. It is very friendly model which does whatever you ask him for. Does not fall from sky after any input by handle and is still able to fly VERY sharp corners. It gives feeling of "enough space between corners". I would say great equipment for learning pattern (in this case I recommend paper version). 


Schematical view

wpe1D.gif (3457 bytes)wpe1E.gif (6996 bytes)

Deatils from construction.

wpe1F.jpg (36357 bytes)wpe20.jpg (30755 bytes)

Berore spraying.

wpe21.jpg (56415 bytes)

Finished model.

wpe22.jpg (89501 bytes)wpe23.jpg (44242 bytes)wpe24.jpg (93738 bytes)




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